HaLong Bay day trip by boat

One of the World’s Natural Heritage, called the HaLong Bay that covers an area of about 1500km2 can be found in the northeastern part of Vietnam, in the province of Quang Ninh. The HaLong Bay is a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam and many travelers come and visit the place even just for a day […]

The Best And Top Quality Fish Finders In Current Market

Fish Finder is an electrical device to locate the presence of fishes to achieve better performance by the fisherman. It uses the sonar technology, so it will provide you a 360 report of the surrounding area to observe the presence of marine life. This technology is generally used in maritime sector. Whatever, every machine has […]

Ottawa’s fish tale: the federal Liberals have brilliantly stage-managaed the crisis over turbot

Canadian Fisheries Minister Brian Tobin managed to win important concessions from Spain in the turbot fisheries dispute, and deflect attention from Canada’s other problems, such as the budget deficit. An opinion poll shows 89% approve of Tobin’s actions. In the land of the blind, we know, the one-eyed man is king. And in an ocean […]

All about hooks

Fishhook makers have significantly improved the type and form of hooks available to the market. Hooks used in the twentieth century are mostly made of steel, which may have a corrosion-resistant barrier coat for added durability. Once made of bone, fishhooks have evolved to suit a wide variety of fishing styles and regions, including modern […]

Fisheries agreement under fire

The European Union and Madagascar have agreed to extend their fisheries agreement until 1998. However, many Malagasy fishermen are not happy with the new deal because they were denied the opportunity to participate in the decision making process. Members of the Malagasy fishermen’s federation, Pecpama, are especially displeased because they wanted to draw attention to […]

How To Buy Your Clubs Of Initiation

When purchasing your game of golf clubs launch, it is important that the seller is an expert in golf and note your physical characteristics (height, speed potential, etc.). It is advisable to buy your set of clubs in a physical game store, advised by your teacher course, if possible. This way you can appreciate the […]

River showdown: dispute among natives drives fight over salmon

A group of armed dissident Micmac fishermen has set up barricades near the Miramachi River in New Brunswick to protect their fishing rights claim. The dissidents oppose Eel Ground Micmac leader Roger Augustine’s fish conservation accord with Canada’s federal government. The timing of the showdown was near-perfect. Five years ago, Canadian soldiers and Mohawk warriors […]

Miss Mocha can really move

The aluminum tugboat owned by diver Tim Joys named ‘Miss Mocha’ features twin 400 hp Cummins 6CTA 8.3-M2 diesels that are capable of reaching a maximum hp of 2,600 rpm. It includes a variety of features designed for dive fisheries applications. These include capitol gears and Cessna pressure-compensated pumps. The boat’s bow was specially designed […]